iVOOMi is a Hong Kong based brand under SUNTEX Group founded in 2001, with factories and branches in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Ethiopia

Having the vision to deliver products that enhance simple lifestyle experience allows 5 clear business verticals in our organisation namely; Telecommunications, Audio, Technology accessories, DIY components and Smart products. The landscape of technology platforms has gone through many forms of evolution and it is important to note that our verticals do not operate in silo's, on the contrary they are integrated with each other with the main objectives focusing on the users lifestyle enhancement first and secondly on which combination of product functions can meet these needs.


DIY Components:

Consistant quality and value to meet this forever changing segment in techonology is key goal.


The main business vertical of the brand. Majority of the development on Smart mobile devices. Research and development will make premium technology available to the masses.


Versatile solutions that meet the needs from headphones to a variety of speakers that support users environment.

Technology accessories:

We are trending and fashionable and speak the language of identity through our updated SKU of over 2000 products.

Smart products:

iVOOMi now creates home and security smart devices



Triangular pyramid – pyramid has been a symbol of human development, iVOOMi drives to bring stable and reliable products to support the development of a happier life

Double i

Double ‘i’s respectively represent clients and iVOOMi, symbolizing that we work together to achieve a win-win situation.

Joining of the i’s:

Represents our policy of inclusivity of all and our affinity to understand our individ- ualistic clients.

Circle on the top

Combination of the circles reflects the target driven vision of iVOOMi and sustainable investment returns for clients.

A protective symbol

The iVOOMi logo has its roots in Fengshui Theory, finding the least path of resistance to a common goal. We find this mirrors our efficient service and value propositions we offer our clients through a very stable platform

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